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What’s better than a nice ride with a beautiful weather? Road is wonderful to be on the saddle but take care about your skin and the sun! The rays of the sun are dangerous for your skin, if you are not careful you will quickly find yourself red as a crayfish.

G4 has the solution to protect your skin from the rays of the sun in the best way. Covering your skin is the best way to protect yourself from UV! We attach great importance to ensuring your well-being while being stylish.






During this summer season it is essential to have good protection against UV, high exposure to sunlight has many risks. Excessive and inconsiderate exposure to sunlight can lead to sunburn, premature aging of the skin, photosensitivity, and the development of skin cancer or eye damage.

To avoid this problem, G4, always looking for the well-being of its customers has developed outfits with UV50 + treatment for optimal resistance to the sun’s rays. You can then consider all parts of your body covered by our equipments protected againt UV. But beware, nothing is to neglect, face, neck, arms, legs are equally sensitive to strong sun exposure.




Indeed, you must protect all parts of your body and especially during these periods of high heat! The first reflex to adopt is to cover with sunscreen all parts of the body exposed to UV.

In the arms and legs, the use of arm and leg warmers can be useful. They will cover your arms and legs perfectly and have no impact from a comfort point of view. The lightness of the fabrics used makes them act like a second skin.

The other parts of the body are not negligible, our gloves and our caps are there to accompany you throughout this summer period to be protected in the best way. Obviously, the whole is treated UV50+ to make these accessories essential elements!






As we have seen previously, G4 makes its jerseys and shorts with UV50 + treated fabrics. Ideal for long outings under the sun! All you have to do is choose the collection that best match your tastes.

If you are in the colorful and original trends, the outfits Mumbai, Art, Mediterranean, Asphalt … (man) and Pure, Jaipur, Intemporel … (woman) are made for you! With bold designs and patterns these outfits are perfect for the summer season.




If you are more “traditional” and sober tones attract you, the Intemporel, Aero and Luxe Blue and Black outfits are made for you. Outfits ranging from white to black and blue ocean for an unequaled elegance.

Whatever happens, these outfits are there to protect you from UV rays, for that they bring together several characteristics. First, they are made of synthetic fibers rather than natural fibers. Simply because a fiber such as polyester protects better than cotton. The weaving of the garment is also a point not to neglect. A narrower weave provides a higher protection degree, like our Instinct collection.




Whether you are a club or an individual, G4 offers the ideal cycling jersey for high temperatures. In addition to UV protection, some of our cycling jerseys have ideal characteristics for high temperatures.

The Instinct jersey will perfectly match your expectations, the treated UV50 + fabric is combined with a fantastic lightness to withstand high temperatures. We have dedicated an article to this outfit, you can consult it for more information.

If you are a club, the Pro Light jersey is the essential element for the summer season! Used in the hottest regions of the world it is the lightest jersey on the market and surely one of the most technical. We have dedicated an article on this jersey, you can consult it for more information.


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