Many cyclists put their bike in the garage on the approach of the first freshness. The rain, the wind, the cold can quickly demotivate cycliste, especially when they are poorly equipped. Choosing a jacket for winter cycling is not always easy. It must be warm and technical, functional, avoid the sweat, but also  beautiful and fashionable. Forget  the thick and old thermal jackets not very comfortable and especially stuffy once on the bike!



The priority is, when you choose a jacket that fits to you, you like the style  and  you feel good once you get dressed. The comfort guarantee a maximum pleasure on the bike even in the most difficult weather conditions. Feeling comfortable and looking beautiful during the cycling training will motivate you for your next rides. At G4, we design elegant and fashion cycling clothes ,from inside to outside of the jacket. We keep the “haute couture” matching for your activity a sporty urban style.


Do not overlook the technical side of the jacket, which confirm the price too. Choose the good quality for winter clothes! By choosing a top-of-the-range and technical jacket, you will avoid the feelings of cold and keeping you more in shape  until the end of  the training, Thanks to a warm jacket you can improve your performances and the comfort, because you will forget the cold! A high quality performance jacket we be your best friend for several years ! Durable, conformable and fashionable


we do like doing cycling clothes for couple!


Choose a winter bicycle jacket according to your needs but also according to the climate of your region. At G4, we have a jacket for all users; riding under the rain, riding in cold temperature, and of course under light winter conditions like on French the Riviera.


If you live in a rainy area, choose a jacket with water repellent membranes to stay dry. The cycling jacket must be made from quality materials, with insulating properties to effectively protect you from cold, ,must be breathable to avoid sweating, thanks to it’s thermoregulation characteristics! For humid and cold weather, we are proposing the Flash Jacket with ¾ sleeves  or her little sister the Supreme jacket with long sleeves. These jackets are very popular in the professional peloton. These two jackets are built from different triple layer membranes.  Completed your style with a first breathable membrane, a second windbreaker, and a last repellent layer. These jackets have also characteristics of a neoprene suit, keeping you warm under the rain.



We designed for you in our G4 collection the ultra light rain jacket, 170gr in size L, the Rain system jacket has 100% waterproof seams and will guarantee a dry and a great freedom of movement thanks to its anatomical sleeves. All details are reflecting and you have direct access to your pockets.

pannon cycling team rain system by G4 Dimension

Pannon Cycling Team race and wear the G4 rain System



The SUPREME jacket will also be one of the most ideal jackets for this kind of cold and fresh weather. Embellished with reflective pockets, it will help you to be seen in foggy weather. For the beginning of winter, we also recommend the Graphic jacket, that will be perfect thanks to their new generation membrane, padded inside for always more comfort and softness sublimated by a windbreak and water repellent membrane of quality.

Finally, if you like the full combination style, G4 offers you the possibility to ride with elegance, technicality, quality, comfort all in one extraordinary product! Try it you will be surprised and delighted by this exclusive product from G4.

Veste supreme

The supreme jacket, the perfect for item for the fresh mid-season


Finally, during the heart of winter, the Denim, Distinguished and Chic jackets will make you forget the cold. These jackets that we like to call 3-in-1 jackets will be your allies in pure winter. These jackets incorporate a vest and a sub-shirt , like an extra underwear to attached to the back, to allow an optimum evacuation of perspiration.

When you zip the interior layer, you will face the coldest conditions. Or when you are going up on a hill you can open the outside jacket to avoid heat by climing, but you still have your second gilet closed on your body . All these jackets are fully water repellent. Additionally but not lastly, do not forget that G4 has created four cargo pockets, so one is zipped and waterproof. Ideal for your papers or to take some money with you. The safety question is in the heart by creating the  cycling clothes at G4. The 4S system is an integral part of all our winter jackets. Four reflective points are  on the elbow and at the back thanks to the pockets. The Distinguished winter tights are also equipped with this 4S concept on the back, and you have some high visible zippers on the legs … Complete your jacket with the same technicality and visibility with this Distinguished tights for your legs.

The deep winter Denim collection


Finally, visibility remains the last point to take care about. At a time when more than ever the road must be shared between different types of users, safety has become one of the priorities of equipment manufacturers. The sports jacket par excellence has several reflective inserts positioned at strategic locations to ensure visibility from afar.

G4 creates its innovative 4S system. 4 points of safe visibility at 4 different positions on all these bike jackets.

The system 4S: 4 reflecting insert in each items


The maintenance of a jacket is an important step to ensure increased durability. We recommend a wash for sportswear or short cycle, cold or 30 ° C, and no tumble dryer, no softener and no ironing. ! Dry clothes indoors or outdoors, avoiding full sun. This is a mandatory passage to keep your sportswear healthy! Follow these tips, and change clothes when you have decided and no longer out of necessity.


Philippe, who is an accomplished sportsman and a triathlete, he did more than 15 Ironman and 20 marathons, : How do you choose your winter jacket?

“First, I like comfortable clothes! I immediately pay attention to the length of the sleeves, with a good coverage at the wrists so as not to feel the air coming in! You need a jacket that protects the chest well, as well, I  payed attention to the tight collar that avoid irritation, breathable  and the soft feeling is confortable.

Sweating is also the 2nd question, I do not like to sweat in a winter clothing, it must be ventilated otherwise I have cold immideatly!

The different Case when I had cold I know very well !!! In Bourges,(center of France) I need the real winter cycling jacket for winter traning and  the mid-season jacket I’m wearing almost every year! I spend a lot of time on my bike and most often on roads open windy and often rainy or even we have some snow! The thermo winter jacket must be well windproof and especially water-repellent if I ever have to go in the rain and also high visible in humid time.

Finally, I like having the “class” on my bike! And as Geo says, even if you’re not good on the bike, you must look beautiful! Followed advice, I will ride with the Denim jacket and the Distinguished cycling shorts this winter! I agreed and I adopted it directly.! “

Phillippe & Geoffroy speaking about the winter Denim collection


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