Why a sober cycling collection?

You probably know our Luxe cycling collection, the most prestigious G4 outfit designed by Geoffroy Lequatre. It represents the essence of our brand, the elegance and prestige of the Côte d’Azur combined with the expertise of a professional cyclist for a unique style at the cutting edge of performance.

G4 DNA is based on differentiating designs, of course, on colorful, bold cycling outfits, apart from the world of cycling. But, how does a black outfit remain the most successful collection in the G4 ranges? Rather strange, no? In a world of cycling where consumers are demanding more and more colors, where cyclists claim “we are fed up with black and classic outfits”, the most popular outfit in the G4 ranges is the sober and elegant Luxe.

So, in the midst of our new colorful and bold collections, it’s time to revisit the most prestigious, the most classic outfit with this update.  A fresh breeze by bringing a Blue Ocean color to our Luxe outfit.

Finally, what better than a simple equipment with a solid color to reveal the elegance of cyclists in all circumstances? We usually say that it is the cyclist’s tuxedo, the essential cycling outfit…

After three years of a black Luxe collection and in the following of this reflection, we decided to update this range in an exclusive and limited edition… The Blue Ocean cycling collection!

Crédit Photo : WidenProd

Ocean Blue, the new black

For many years, this color was considered classic, it is now more trend than ever. It is found in decoration, in clothing and of course on tuxedos!
That’s good, no? We mentioned above that we considered our Black Luxe as the cyclist’s tuxedo. Besides, a man must be able to hold three costumes in his wardrobe, a gray, a black and a blue ocean… At G4, we want to offer you two must-have pieces for cyclists, the black Luxe outfit and now our new limited and exclusive collection, the Blue Ocean Luxe  outfit.

Crédit Photo : WidenProd

Other reasons pushed Geoffroy to design this exclusive outfit, the meanings of this color. It is found in two moments, In the deep summer nights and in the immensity of the ocean. Two reminders of the French Riviera! The prestigious Riviera evenings as well as the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea.

This sober and elegant outfit will perfectly match with your bike, like Geoffroy Lequatre, riding one of the models of our partner Heroïn Bikes.

Luxe, an exclusive and limited collection

Like our G4 x MINI Paris collection, this new limited edition Blue Ocean Luxe is available in 21 exclusive pieces. It will be necessary to be fast for those wishing to wear this outfit during their most beautiful outings on the roads of the whole world.

Crédit Photo : WidenProd

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