Continuing to pay tribute to the French Riviera for the summer of 2020,  we just launched Nice 1920 and Sunwave cycling outfits, now you can discover the Prestige bicycle collection. As you know the French Riviera is a region of sport, tourism and prestige, but when we talk about Prestige, we are talking about excellence and perfection and this is what we wanted to transcribe into this timeless and elegant cycling collection.

Discover our Prestige cycling collection from every angle and it will become the flagship piece of your cycling wardrobe.

Prestige cycling collection reflect the French Riviera’s elegance and excellence!

In our previous article on the Sunwave cycling collection, we asked you about what characterized the Côte d’Azur. Undeniably, colors are a major element. Now let’s look at the tourist and luxurious side of our region. Why French Riviera is os popular? Of ​​course,the good weather and the blue sea,  but also it’s events like the Cannes Film Festival or Formula 1 GP , but places like Monaco and Cap Ferrat, Nice and Antibes are so chic the elegant dress code is required.

After our Luxe cycling collection (the best-selling and the must have G4 cycling collection since three years), consider Prestige as the cyclist’s tuxedo. Fine lines, ultra soft fabrics, perfect finishes, sober and elegant colors to sublimate both men and women. When you wear Prestige, you would almost imagine walking on the steps of the Palais des Festivals and its red carpet during the Cannes Festival… It’s not a Joke, be proud to wear this collection of Prestige cycling in reference to the excellence of the Côte d’Azur.


Prestige cycling collection: A sober and elegant design

The Prestige cycling jersey, for men and women, is mostly black with a play of style by the combination of noble fabrics never used for cycling clothes before. Assembling points and lines for the most elegant look, easily adapting to different morphologies to sublimate its owner. At the sleeves now, we have opted for white ultralight mesh, which create a contrast with the body of the jersey and put the end to the design.  We never forget the reflective pocket on our darker pieces, which gives you the security on the road. The pocket is bright white for women, it’s more girly 😀 and deep gray for men.

The cycling bibs:  For sure it’s  bold and always bring a touch of originality to the cycling kit. This is why the Prestige men’s cycling shorts are our first white cycling shorts! Always more elegant, it contrasts with the black part of the jersey,  makes this outfit really unique. For you ladies, we offer you a black bib-shorts (the first time with straps , yes an invisible straps) light, seamless and elegant  with a very discreet and stylish embossed effect on the side of your legs.

Prestige cycling collection: flawless technicality

Who says excellence, says technicality, necessarily. The Prestige cycling collection is therefore the most technical cycling kit of this summer 2020. We have innovated on all of the fabrics used.

The jersey contains four fabrics that sublimate our Prestige cycling man and women cycling Tops. On the bodys and the top of the bust (for ladies), it is a StretchSkin fabric with dotted and lines and on the bigger part of the body  we are using a similar type of light fabric but with line motifs. This new generation fabric, which has 15%  elasticity comparing to  than our usual SkinLycra fabric. It perfectly adapt to all morphologies of the cyclists by each position on the bike. For the sleeves, Geoffroy wanted to bring softness and freshness with a LightMesh fabric. Finally, a special reflective fabric on one of the pockets has been added to promote your visibility on the road. All kit ha s a special UV 50 treatment against heat and sun!

The base of the cycling bibs shorts,  is the same fabrics as our Luxe collection. In other words, a compression fabric matching with a Golf structured aero fabrics and a 7 cm elastic band to homogenize the compression on the thigh. The aero fabric has a waffle effect fabric for maximum aerodynamic and style. And this for both men and women. Like all of our cycling shorts, they are equipped with our most confortable  Pro HD 100 chamois.

You now know everything about the Prestige bike collection, equip yourself and ride with pride, comfort and performance in this new outfit of excellence.  Please note, care and washing informations are important to each user , please read our the product description.

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