What’s mean a good cycling jersey?

What is a good cycling jersey?How to choose it? What are the essential technical points of a jersey? is a high-end jersey only a piece of fabric or an essential things in your cycling outfit ?
So many questions that are difficult to find a correct answer. The offer is very diverse, many different fabrics are used, each defending its properties more or less effective and more or less technical.
So how to navigate on the web?
With this small file, we will try to clear your lantern and bring technical elements to anyone who wants to acquire a cycling jersey.
Our G4 jerseys will be used as a support to detail the technical points of our pieces.

For starters, France, the land of fashion and design associated with Italy, cradle of world cycling and luxury capital are the two countries at the starting point of our jerseys.

It all starts with a good fabric …


To make a good recipe, you need good ingredients. This golden rule, which applies to cooking, but also to many areas, is essential for us.
After a long time of research, development and sourcing, we managed to make jerseys with the technicality and the requirement that characterizes our brand since its birth.


The 2019 novelty, the SKINLYCRA

We work with the most demanding manufacturing workshops in the world. We are fortunate to develop jerseys with new generation fabrics such as SKINLYCRA, the main fabric that makes up the majority of our pieces in this 2019 collection.

This fabric is exceptional in two ways:
• It is technically formidable for use in the world of cycling, its elasticity is 4-way and offers comfort and unmatched softness for holding on long outings.

• It wicks away moisture and allows a natural thermo regulation of the body during the effort without being heavy and heavy to wear. It is very light and very resistant, which gives our jerseys a strange and pleasant feeling of lightness.


The lightest: DryTech ESF fabric

Our instinct jersey, the lightest of our collections is equipped with this fabric. The warp and weft screening technology is used on this polyamide fabric, which allows us to offer one of the lightest and most technical jerseys in the world. It is only 87 grams (55g m2).
This fabric is a unique creation of a French fabric workshop and producer. After months of research, prototypes and tests, the result is bluffing to the touch and once in action, the lightness is incomparable.
Of course, it benefits from the many features of our other fabrics: solid, breathable, antiperspirant, thermo regulating and anti-UV.


The luxurious Neotex

During the manufacture of our luxury collections for men, women and luxury blue limited edition, the choice of designer Geoffroy Lequatre focused on another new generation fabric called Neotex. This fabric, in addition to its technical evacuation properties, is extremely soft and silky to the touch. Once again, the feeling of second skin is real when worn, even after several hours of exits.
This prestigious fabric is perfectly adapted to our sober luxury collection, elegant and timeless.

Small bonus: the Neotex maintains and regulates your body temperature.
Designed to beat temperatures on the hottest days, this auto fabric regulates your temperature with extremely efficient moisture transfer.


The indestructible aero stretch 4 way

You will understand, the combination of technicality with lightness is the key to an efficient and effective jersey for your outings. One of our challenges in this ongoing quest for the best jersey we put on the road was the 4-way stretch fabric with which we designed our Aero suit.
This fabric has the ability to adapt to every morphology thanks to a 4-way elastic technology.
The comfort of the upper part of our suit is equivalent to that of a professional time trial suit. Of course, we have added our technicality in shorts with a POWERGAIN compression fabric and our Pro HD 100 chamois leather.



A technicality tested and proven by the experience of a professional



This is one of the core values ​​of the brand and the essence of the G4 story: “Created by a professional”. Geoffroy Lequatre, a regulars and cyclist for 12 years at the highest level among professionals, to create and designed the brand from A to Z.
The G4 collections are an illustration of what Geoffroy would have liked to wear during his career: outfits or elegance is not left to chance.
There is therefore in each shirt years of experience and thousands of kilometers to achieve a product that meets the requirements of the greatest.

There are many riders still in business who ride with our clothes off the official circuit for their technical features and the comfort that a G4 product can bring.

Especially winter is a turning point for high level runners? Winter is the key to physical preparation for a professional’s upcoming season. The technicality of a product is essential since it will directly influence the quality of the training.
Natural elements can sometimes be the worst enemy of a cyclist and his best shield is his outfit.
Many professionals, ex-professionals and amateurs are now equipped with G4.


This allows them to benefit from the novelties in terms of outfits and to take advantage of an incomparable technicality on our jerseys by avoiding the patchwork of logo that can be some jerseys in the packs or at certain brands.

These professional and amateur runners also allow us to improve our jerseys. They bring an expert, technical and critical look at some of our prototypes to satisfy the obsession with the perfect detail of our teams and Geoffroy.



Retail culture



The constant obsession with detail, the search for absolute perfection permanently animates our teams. This culture is reflected in our collections and jerseys. Every detail is important. The greatest scientist of this land said, “The details are perfection, and perfection is not a detail.” Leonardo da Vinci was wrong on a few things and nothing is more true than this quote.


A short overview of the details of the G4 jerseys, but before: little historical point:

• In the 50s, the cyclists’ wool jersey welcomed a great neck worthy of a tennis player behind the scenes of the Roland-Garros Stadium and a series of more or less large pockets at the front and back.
Refueling and assistance were more or less forbidden on the races, the runners improvised so mechanic when the need was felt. Inner tube, spare hoses, pumps, etc.

No unnecessary space on the cyclist!

• Running 1970 – 1975 advertising and sponsors find their places on the back of runners, zips make their appearances and the jersey is still knitted, but with more technical materials and more adapted to the practice of high level cycling.
For the anecdote, the first zips were not down to the jerseys: sponsors will not “cut” the main logo on the front of the jersey.

• Print and polyester, a winning combo from the 80’s and 90’s. Sponsors are becoming more and more prominent in the cycling world and technical skills are starting to be a real lever for performance, this is the beginning of jerseys. adapted to the discipline.
• Year 2000, the technicality. This is the new nerve of the war: breathable thermo, moisture wicking, UV treatment, water repellent or windbreaker. The workshops are developing more and more techniques and materials to offer outfits that are closer to the level of detail, more of a combination of a spationaute than a sports jersey.


Pockets :



Today, no more question of multitude of front and back pockets, the trend is to smart use and minimalism.

On the majority of our jerseys, the 3 or 4 back pockets (depending on the model) are solid, water resistant, the fabric is elastic and can be modulated without deforming.
One of the pockets is zipped for your keys or your coffee break ticket.
On our more sober models, one of the pockets is reflective for a certain visibility on the roads. Security is an essential and unavoidable issue. This is one of the criteria that our brand must take into account in the creation of each of our jerseys.


The sun and the UV treatment:

When the weather is clear, the outside conditions are optimal, the sun is present and the roads dry, it is nice to go out!
But UV rays can be very dangerous for you and your skin.
4 hours on the saddle is 4 hours under the sun and it becomes imperative to protect properly.
Before talking jersey, outfit and technical: small reminder inevitable but necessary, nothing replaces the cream in case of strong exposure and constant sun.

A simple sports jersey will only cover you, but will let the UV rays of the sun filter and your skin will be exposed. It is therefore necessary to choose a shirt and an outfit that gives you the necessary protection.

All our fabrics benefit from a patented treatment called UV50 +. This treatment protects and provides an opaque resistance to UV rays directly in the fibers of the fabric.

Throughout the life of your jersey or G4 suit, you will be protected from UV rays for safe exits.


For a better pedal stroke:

Being comfortable on the road, do not feel any embarrassment, it seems basic and yet to be sure to feel this feeling of well-being on your bike, it is necessary to think of the smallest details.
Comfort is essential and essential. It passes, including a good maintenance during the effort.
That’s why our shirts are all equipped with an elastic band at the hips for a firm, effective and solid.


Adapted cuts for all!



The feminine spirit at G4 is at the center of our attention. We attach a particular development to our collections in order to bring to life the ideal of modernity that emancipated women during the end of the 19th century.

Our women’s team has developed and tested with cyclists our women’s collections. This brings that touch of femininity for women to roll, move, train, smile, be beautiful and elegant like men.
The cuts of our jerseys follow the trend of feminine curves and are perfectly adapted to the morphology of women.



Finally, the Zip. Secondary but terribly important element of the jersey. It is strong, lightweight, durable and brings that touch of color or differentiation to our jerseys.
In addition, small detail that makes the difference, our jerseys are equipped with a zip guard that prevents any irritation on your neck. For long outings, it’s essential.

Security :

As we know, on the roads, safety is paramount. It is essential to create and manufacture parts that improve your safety and allow you to be visible on the roads.
That’s why on most of our jerseys, especially on jerseys with darker colors, one of the back pockets is reflective. In addition, on some of our jerseys as those of the Instinct collection, the sleeves are equipped with silver reflective strips. A reminder of these bands is also placed on the collar and the pockets.

Design, or how to be different on the roads!




Elegant performance, these two words carry the vision and values ​​that inspire us. One does not go without the other and vice versa. Our jerseys are designer pieces. G4 is a unique know-how, a tradition of haute couture and a story lived around the passion of creation.
Boldness, on the road as in creation, is one of the obvious answers to the needs of our time.
Geoffroy’s vision of a seasoned racer and sportsman brings what did not exist in the world of cycling: performance and technical outfits that do not erase originality and aesthetics.
The collections of G4 are the showcase of French know-how in the world of cycling. And the brand’s mission is to bring the values ​​of aesthetics and performance boldly into the world of cycling today.

In fact, the innovative lines and precise cut are the result of hundreds of hours of work per collection. New technologies can only serve the technical nature of collections with the help of research and continuous and intensive development. Each line must seduce, make dream and transport the cyclist you are. And well beyond the borders of the simple sports product.

What is the good price?

“You know, I do not think there is any good or bad price. Me, if I had to summarize “… No, the good price exists, it corresponds to your use, your outings, your expectations and what really costs a cycling jersey today. The important thing in the choice of your outfits lies in the transparency of information of the brands on this high point.

To try to define a “fair price” … (no bad word play) we must compare, but compare what is comparable.

As for the example that interests us: the G4 jerseys, it is important to specify the context of manufacture and creation of our jerseys.

We are a craft workshop, a small-scale production much closer to the codes of haute couture craft than those of the supermarket. Each piece is different, requiring hours of work, research and prototyping. The jerseys are tested in real conditions by professionals and passionate amateurs. Every detail is studied, checked and adapted so that our finished products can reach the perfection expected by our customers and our community.
It is this technicality, this level of precision and quality of finish that defines the price of our products thereafter.


The fabrics at the base are expensive, but necessary to produce a technical jersey and really effective, even after years of use. Then, the know-how of our designer, Geoffroy Lequatre, allows to transform the good ingredients in a superb jersey, to take again the gastronomic allegory used a little earlier.

To summarize, it is difficult and unwise to compare more popular and affordable branded jerseys with our collections: they are not the same product definitions. Just as their uses is not comparable.




If your bike practice boils down to a family outing twice a year with an all-terrain bike, our jerseys may not satisfy you and your purchase will be irrational.
On the other hand, if you drive 5,000 to 20,000 kilometers a year, your equipment is important to you, you care about your appearance and the comfort of your outings, our jerseys are made for you.



To finish…



A detail that is important in this issue: washing.
Proper maintenance of your jersey is essential and washing can be the step that will keep your jersey going for years out or destroy it in less than half a season.
We therefore advise you to wash your jerseys on synthetic sensitive programs of your machines, preferably short cycles or sports cycles if your machine is equipped with them.
Washing by hand or at 30 ° can be considered too.


The softeners, anti-staining wipes and other additions are completely prohibited to maximize the longevity of your jersey and your outfits.
Machine drying as well as spinning too fast should be avoided.
The creation of our jerseys is a continual process of research and permanent test. We are fortunate to benefit from the invaluable experience of Geoffroy Lequatre and many other cycling professionals in this stage and it is one of our strengths.
Since its creation, our brand aims to exceed and push the limits of the market of high-end cycling clothing and bring a new eye and a new technicality.
The codes must be jostled, the elegance is no longer a criterion of second zone and the performance is always and again on the front of the stage, whether in professional circles or amateurs.
Our ambition is to always be able to offer the best in cycling jerseys and outfits without overshadowing the needs and expectations of our customers.
The performance can be elegant, and it is the audacity of G4 that will make you live this experience.

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