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Long regarded as fashion accessories with optical effects and aesthetics, some people see these gloves products to look elegant during outings ….

At G4, we have reinvented the spirit and the usefulness of the gloves to make and an elegant product but also and above all a high-performance article with revisited and innovative textiles that will last a long time and will accompany you anywhere during your shopping. .

Summer gloves made in G4

Our workshops have made cycling gloves mittens for the summer both ultralight and reinforced for better performance in maximum comfort on bikes.

These high-quality, faux-leather gloves are made from lightweight, aerodynamic fabric combined with the elegance of synthetic leather for comfort. They are also treated against sun rays (UV50 +).

It’s gloves are available in two colors: blacks and whites.

G4’s touch for gloves

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These mittens provide excellent moisture wicking and exceptional airflow to keep your hands cool.

The finishes, the anti-sweat sponge and the protective synthetic leather on the apple of the hand make these gloves the indispensable and superior summer accessory for an irreproachable precision. We studied the areas of intense hand pressure on the handlebars to best position the layers of memory foam and protective leather.

Thanks to this process, these gloves guarantee you optimal protection against friction and shock.

Gloves: technical aspects:

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Our gloves are made from “REVOLUTIONAL” fabrics with extremely light anti-sweat sponge and protective leather for moisture transfer and fast drying.

These accessories are easy to carry thanks to a maximum weight of 26g not forgetting that all these gloves have been treated with UV50 +.

How to maintain his gloves?

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Nothing more simple, just wash them by hand with soap without using bleach otherwise you can opt for a dry cleaning or machine as you want  😉

For drying, let them dry in the open air and of course do not iron them.

How to choose your gloves?

The choice of a cycling glove is based on weather conditions and practice. Because between mountain bike and road bike, the needs are very different.

MTB gloves or road bike gloves: different practices for different requirements.


Long fingers often win the vote, the idea being to protect all hands (vegetation, etc.) on rough terrain.

Even without a fall, the hands of the mountain biker are very exposed!


The risk of falling at full speed is very present: the gloves will then be very useful to limit the damage.


Wear gloves, a reflex when it’s cold. But bike gloves are also useful when the weather is milder …


A lining (wadding, fleece, etc.) will ensure better thermal insulation of the hands.

To protect hands and fingers from cold and weather, use long fingers and neoprene and waterproof seams.

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The glove will be used primarily to cushion shocks and limit vibrations. It will then be rather to choose a glove with breathable fabric and lightweight (lycra or mesh) with short fingers, mittens way. These gloves can be padded with foam or gel for comfort, or with silicone inserts to maximize grip on the handlebars.

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Now you have the keys to choose your ideal gloves for your road or mountain bike races.

And as you know: to ride sleek and performant opt ​​for G4 products  😉

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