First article on our G4 IRONGIRLS ! Today it’s Morgane Moinard who tells you her story with IRONMAN.

The IRONMAN is a completely awesome challenge for me, that worried me ! have thought to opt-out for several time, but I told myself that I’ll regret it. Then I move on and persevere!Two and a half months before the start, I’m beginning my training. When I was student in STAPS, I’ve got friends who practice Triathlon, obviously my brother-in-law and one day I said to myself that I will try that challenge so special to go with three different contests. As I’m running, swimming…… and be married to a pro cyclist, I started the road bike. After that, day by day, I was interested in Triathlon. My dream over all was always to attend one day the IRONMAN.


I participated in some triathlons including two sprints, an M, an L last year… As and when, I enhance distances, I tried always to move forward even the effort wasn’t the same. I like the idea to push up my body in its entrenchments, being able to continue an effort beyond 10 hours … to suffer … it seems crazy to love to hurt itself! But we feel so good after. To prove to me that I am able to participate in this kind of competition, to be able to reach the end, gratifies myself! As long as I get there, but that’s no reason! So, I thought it was my year or never!


I’m 36 years old and so in shape right now! My children are getting to school and I work only in partial time as professor of sport and physical education, so I have time de workout.I have huge motivations! I want my kids to be proud of their mom, they know exactly what I have to do! Either my husband, but over all, I’m doing it for myself, to prove my self that I’m able to finish this competition well known over the world!Hopefully, pass through the arrival without injuries and if it possible in suitable time!


Thus, in a part of my mind, I have nevertheless the hope to tie my friend’s record Marion, who had finished the IRONMAN Nice 2016 in 11 hours and 30 minutes.The big deal will to be qualified to Hawaï’s contest, but it’s too early to talk about that….so much by the way! Keep my feet on the ground. Firstable, I have to getting well prepared for the day D, doing all my best and pass the final line in a good shape in less than 13 hours…It will be already a huge personal pride! For the follow-up? Wait I see!