2020 Tour de France: G4 Point of view

The COVID19 epidemic has already taken its toll on the sports world. The Olympic Games postponed to 2021, the postponement of Roland Garros and the cancellation of Wimbledon or the end of the football season, all sports were affected. And cycling has not been ruled out, especially with the UCI decision to suspend all professional racing until June 1. The question that burns our lips obviously, what will happen to the Tour de France 2020 ?! The G4 team is all the more concerned since the departure was planned this year on the “Promenade des Anglais” in our beautiful city of Nice…

Several hypotheses have also been studied and Geoffroy Lequatre will give you his opinion on the question! In the meantime, return to the different tracks studied so far.


Tour de France behind closed doors

The first shattering announcement was that of our sports minister Roxana Maracineanu who did not rule out the possibility of a closed-door Tour de France… It justified this choice by the world television broadcast of the event. The various players in the Tour de France then reacted and none seemed really excited at the idea that the third world sporting event was to be held without an audience. The organizing cities then expressed their dissatisfaction as well as the runners. Then it was the turn of the organizer in person (ASO) to decide. They explained in the headlines of the newspaper “Le Monde” that if the Tour de France took place, there was no question of a closed… OUF!

Geoffroy Lequatre opinion

“We are living in an unprecedented period. We do not control anything and we have no control over this situation hitherto unknown to all. From the oldest to the youngest, this life situation is a first! It’s time to let go! We all realized that time, rush, stress, pressure or activities were of less importance. Only life is important! Life with loved ones, with our family, our friends, the little things of everyday life, traditions, memories, pleasure, feelings, and well-being.

From there, do the Tour de France 2020 have importance to be completed?

If the Tour de France is a celebration of the whole of France which is experienced with family and friends, during the holidays, at a time when the sun is shining and people are relaxing and fervently following this popular world event, then it must be organized, but it can’t be behind closed doors! The Tour without an audience, I would not have run it, and I would not watch it! When you’ve been a professional cyclist, the Tour is the magic of summer, the roadside crowds, cheering cities and towns. These same villages which have been preparing this event for years! Different nationalities and a mix of cultures from all over the world applaud their national champions.

The closed-door tour is impossible, the champion is created by the people! He is adored or booed by the crowds for his attitude, his results, his messages, and his exploits!

A pro cyclist would not do the Closed Tour! ”


Tour de France rescheduled

It seems to be the most likely assumption at the moment. It was also launched by the President of the Tour de France in person, Christian Prudhomme. The Tour de France could be postponed by a few weeks so that it can still take place. The probable dates would be from July 25 to August 16! In these circumstances, it would be done in its entirety. Only downside, the start of La Vuelta (Tour of Spain) is scheduled for August 14 … It would be a huge challenge for ASO which should manage for a few days, two big Tour at once! This is why it was also indicated that the routes of the two races could be shortened.

Geoffroy’s opinion

“Postpone the Tour to July 26!” I could understand it from the business side, from the commitments made by cities, communities, sponsors, groups, media, teams, team sponsors. But especially from the point of view of the organizer who lives and generates his biggest profits, of the third-largest world sporting event.

I could hear it from the sporting side. Professional riders probably say to themselves “I want to win (or perform) on the Tour de France 2020, I have prepared all my winter and planned my start to the season for one goal. ” But do we want to do the Tour with so little preparation !?

Today we can assume a return to normal in July, but nobody knows, nor is sure! In addition, we all live in a situation of containment and health crisis! We do not know the truth and we will not know it.

Go ask the families of the victims of this virus if they want to come or even leave the Tour de France, a world celebration just a few weeks or days from these tragic moments. Many cases will still be deplored in Europe and in other countries around the world where the epidemic will be at its peak in July.

I remind you, the Tour de France is a world celebration which brews mass foreign tourism in France! ”


Tour de France 2020  cancellation?

Some are pessimistic and do not see how the Tour could take place this year, they no longer believe it. Others, like Cyril Guimard, express their concern about the fairness of a Tour de France after these weeks of confinement… To this, teams like B&B Hotels Vital Concept respond that the Tour de France is vital for training like theirs! The main sponsor needs the visibility of the event to continue funding the team. You will understand, there is debate and once again it is ASO which decides; “It will depend on the evolution of the pandemic. It is the health situation in the country that counts, he added, however. I only wish one thing is that the Tour de France will take place this summer. Not for the Tour de France, but, if it does not take place, it would mean that the country is in a catastrophic situation. Obviously, we cannot wish it. “Explained Christian Prudhomme in the lines of the newspaper” Le Monde “once again.

Geoffroy’s opinion

“I don’t see how the Tour could start in 2020. I would be the first to be disappointed, but you have to be pragmatic. Everyone must respect this white period and resign themselves to organizing an event halfway or with fears and more or less…

The Tour is absolute in terms of organization and popular celebration, do not skin it for an economic affair!

The Tour de France lives with popular fervor. In addition, it belongs to us all, for a few months we postpone all our plans and plan our new start … For me, the Tour de France will probably be in 2021. ”


Tour de France 2019 memories!

One thing, however, makes us happy at G4. France television has decided to go back to the stages that made the Tour de France 2019. (from April 6 to April 12). So we have a slight consolation prize at the moment. Look at these images, we can only better observe that it is not conceivable to organize a Tour behind closed doors!

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